With the excitement of the confirmed release for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, it is unfortunate to report that many existing PlayStation owners will inevitably feel dismay when they learn that PlayStation Store content will have to be purchased once again for this device.

When interviewed by GameSpot UK, Nathan Vautier, Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland's managing director, was quoted as saying, "[Xperia Play owners] will have to re-purchase the games, so it's not totally integrated."

Considering that the PlayStation Store will be the primary means of getting content for the device, it looks as though Sony is relying on the anticipation and "cool-factor" of their new smartphone to direct attention away from the idea that PlayStation users will have to put more money into games they may already own. One thing's for certain, despite this downside gamers will still spend what's necessary for this latest gadget and the ability to play their favourite games with it.