If you were to go to amazon.de right now, they're currently listing a release date and price point for the Wii U.  Nintendo surprised a lot of folks by not giving a price or release date for the upcoming console at E3 2012 and many are speculating that it may be because the price is going to be a little on the high side.

Currently listed for 399.99 Euro and set at a release date of December 21, 2012, is this the long awaited information everyone has been waiting for? Nintendo isn't going to say until they're good and ready, though to be honest a December 21 release date seems a little close to Christmas and doesn't seem to give consumers a good enough time period to pick it up for the wee ones, but who knows? Amazon.de may have an inside line to Nintendo that the rest of us don't.  Stay tuned for when Nintendo actually gives out the confirmed info.