The Wii U is still a few months away from getting its full E3 reveal, but that hasn't stopped several gaming news outlets from reporting on the new system's specifications in recent days. To review:

  • First we heard last week that, according to a developer working on Darksiders II, the new system is "on par" with both the PS3 and the XBox 360.
  • On Monday, it came out from anonymous developers that Nintendo's new system is "not up to the same level as the PS3 or the 360", and that the PS3 can do more with the PS Vita than the Wii U with its tablet controller.
  • Finally (or, at least, most recently), today we heard from the Chief Creative Officer of Gearbox (makers of Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines) that the new system has ""more RAM" than current gen systems and a "really great processor".

Considering we won't know until June (and probably later) which of these reports is correct, you'll want to take everything Wii U-related with a grain of salt -- though if you're the type of person who wants certainty right now, you could always firmly commit yourself to one of the reports, since you'll have a one-in-three shot at getting your hopes fulfilled/fears confirmed.

It should also come as no surprise that the conflicting reports about the Wii U's power are being accompanied by conflicting reports on its release date. Some news sources are saying November 18th; others are disputing this vehemently. In other words, if you want to know what's up with Nintendo's next home console, you'll want to be watching the Los Angeles Convention Center between June 5th and 7th of this year.