As a gamer girl I'm always curious to learn what other genuine gamer girls (not those who pretend to be one to be "cool") have to say about our hobby, so it's always a treat when I find an article like this.

Roxy Lee's article on why her Xbox is better than her ex-men is a clever way to address her top 10 reasons for why she loves her console while injecting some relationship humour into it.

With reasons such as "my Xbox is NEVER needy," "my Xbox has simple controls" and a cheeky "my Xbox loves a little MULTIPLAYER every now and then," I think many a gamer (girl and boy alike) will appreciate why she feels if she "could find a man like my Xbox I think I would be an extremely happy woman."

 Though meant to be taken lightly she makes sure to note that it's not meant to be offensive, and reminds the reader it's based on experiences with her ex boyfriends that "are called EX boyfriends for a reason."

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