We have all felt the same way before.  When we see a release date of a video game, we sometimes say to ourselves "Why can't it come out sooner?"  Well, Valve has listened to gamers and they want to help you out, but you are going to have to work for it.

From now until the scheduled release of Portal 2, Valve is asking players to purchase and play games from The Potato Sack, a collection of 13 indie games.  The games are then tracked at the GLaDOS@Home page linked to a countdown scheduled to end at the scheduled release date.  As more people download and play the games, the countdown speeds up the clock indicating the game can arrive early than expected.

Valve has also given us an extra incentive to play these games as The Potato Sack is on sale for $38.72, marked down from $154.87; a 75% discount.

Portal is scheduled for a April 21st release, but with your help, that may change.