THQ, the American developer and game publisher is now gone. After filing for Chapter 11 last month, the company held an auction to sell off its assets.

According to a letter obtained by Kotaku from the CEO, Brian Farrell and President, Jason Rubin to the former employees of THQ, they outlined what is happened to certain IPs that were left up in the air from the bankruptcy announcement.

  • SEGA purchased Relic
  • Volition and Metro will be going to Koch Media (According to Gameinformer, Saint's Row will also be a part of Koch Media)
  • Crytek has purchased Homefront
  • Ubisoft has acquired South Park and THQ Montreal
  • Take Two has purchased Turtle Rock studio's project Evolve (IGN has reported that the WWE license will now be under Take Two)

The letter states that these sales are expected to be finalized this week.

The letter goes on say that any positions not included in the sales will unfortunately end as well.

"A small number of our headquarters staff will continue to be employed by THQ beyond January 25 to assist with the transition." it states.

Stay with us as more news comes from this.