In lieu of making small stories about each of the games announced during the Sony Press Conference, I will compile a list and give a real brief description of the titles announced here.

Knack - A rather cartoony looking action platformer from the look of it. Knack is a robot that can change his size and shape. Became intangible when going through security lasers. Will be able to play remotely on the Vita as well.

Infamous: Second Son - Sucker Punch's next game. Once again focuses on people with super powers. Sucker Punch is putting a bit of emphasis on how people have exchanged their freedom for security.

The Witness - From Braid creator Jonathan Blow. Will be an open-world puzzle game.  Game looks very colorful; almost like a modern-day Myst.

Killzone Shadow Fall - Another shooter title in the Killzone series. Gameplay footage was shown. Player had to fight off Helghast as they attack Vekta City.

Deep Down - Working title for a game by Capcom. Will utilize a new engined code named Pantha Rhei.

Drive Club - Racing title from Evolution Studios; creators of the MotorStorm series. Game will focus on a socially connected network.

Watch_Dogs - Ubisoft's title about espionage and use of technology and surveillance is coming to PS4. Be sure to read our preview from last year's E3.

Destiny - Bungie's post Halo-title is coming to the PS4. Still no gameplay seen from it. Bungie officially revealed the title earlier this week. game takes place after an apocalyptic event where what's left of humanity is saved by an alien called The Traveler; a giant white globe. A city afterwards was build under The Traveler and mankind has decided to travel the universe again, but now alien races are wanting to wipe out the rest of humanity. Destiny will be a massive-constantly online FPS game.

Also: Don't forget that Diablo III will also becoming to the PS4.