Street Fighter isn't content with just crossing over with Tekken.  It is about to mix it up with the Blue Bomber himself.

Capcom today announced that Street Fighter X Mega Man is coming just off the heels of Street Fighter's 25th anniversary and right in time for Mega Man's own 25th anniversary.

In the trailer, Mega Man will once again be in his original 8-Bit fashion and instead of taking on eight Robot Masters will be fighting against the likes of Chun Li, Blanka and Ryu himself.

"Best of all, this is a true collaboration between Capcom and its fans." said Brett Elston, Community Manager of Capcom on their official blog. Singapore superfan Seow Zong Hui (maybe you've seen his Dhalsim skills?) approached our own Christian Svensson back at EVO 2012 with the skeleton of SFxMM running on a laptop.

Street Fighter X Megaman will arrive December 17 for PC and will be free. Check out the announcement trailer for the title.