Earlier this week Square Enix unveiled Core Online; a website that will allow players to play console games in high definition on their browsers.

The service will allow players to play any game in the Core Online library for free. The games are funded by adds, so the play right now is that players will get 20 minutes of free playtime. After that, an ad will pop up and players will watch before going back to the game. Ads will also appear during load screens. For each ad you watch, you will be given additional minutes of game time. Square states that the lengths of ads will vary, but the longer the ad, the longer the play time a player is given.

For right now, the max number of game time a player can acclimate is 60 minutes. Registration is not necessary for playing the games, but if players want the game time to carry over between sessions, registration is required. Registering will also grant people persistent game saves and achievements.

Core Online is configured to work on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Head on over to the website for more details and to begin playing. As of right now Mini Ninjas and Hitman: Blood Money are both ready to play while Lara Croft: Guardian of Light is expected to soon be available on the website.