During Nintendo's Digital Event for this year's E3, the company revealed a brand-new arena shooter.

Called Splatoon, the game is a 4-on-4 arena-based shooter that pits players against each other as they use paintguns to hit players. The game looks like a very fast-paced paintball match you have with friends/

The paint will also be used as a movement mechanic as your character can transform into a squid and will be able to jump inside they color paint and be able to travel the map very swiftly. This looks like it can be greatly utilized to get link up with your teammates if they are on the other side of the map or if you need to make a quick getaway. However, if your are out-matched, it seems your opponent can block your progression if they shoot paint over your paint trail. With this mechanic, it seems you are encouraged to never stop shooting.

From the trailer it seems you will also get different type of weapons to use such as a paint roller, with the ability to lay down very huge paint trails or just flat out run over an opponent and even sniper rifles. There also seems to be a super paint-laser ability in the game.

Splatoon is scheduled to release during the first half of 2015. Check out the announcement trailer here.