Black Ops 2 isn't the only newly-announced first-person game coming this fall: according to the PlayStation Blog, The Unfinished Swan is slated for release on thePlayStation Network sometime in the autumn as well.

It's been a long time coming, with early prototypes of the game having first surfaced back in 2008. Since then, the company behind the game, Giant Sparrow, set up shop with Sony Santa Monica as part of an "incubation deal", along the lines of the arrangement between Sony and thatgamecompany that yielded Journey, Flower and fl0w.

The Unfinished Swan is described as a first-person painting game. You start off with nothing but a blank white screen, and then gradually reveal the world around you by throwing globs of paint. Eventually -- as hinted at in this video -- you find yourself in a situation out of a children's book, chasing a swan through a mysterious, black-and-white kingdom.

Not too surprisingly, the game will have PlayStation Move support, but will also work with a regular DualShock controller.

No word yet on a price or release date, but if you're a fan of the artsy games that seem to pop up every now and then on the PSN, this one is definitely worth keeping an eye on.