At this year's Gamescom, attendees were treated to their first glimpse of the highly stylised Puppeteer - a whimsical 2.5D side-scrolling platformer for the PS3 from Japan Studio.

Set in a magical theatre, players take control of a young boy who's been transformed into a puppet, left without a head and tasked with trying to find his way home. Gameplay revolves around a magical pair of scissors which can be used to cut through the environment, fly and dispatch enemies, whilst the hero can replace his missing head with a variety of others that (presumably) grant new abilities or bonuses.

"Unlike most games where you move through the world, the world of Puppeteer actually moves around you, with all the action taking place on the same stage," Gavin Moore of SCE Worldwide Studios wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "The sets are continually moving and changing, taking you on an adventure with surprises in every scene".

If you want to see the game for yourself then take a look at its first trailer here.