Harmonix and MTV Games, along with distribution partner Electronic Arts, announced that Rock Band 2 for the PLAYSTATION 3 will be available on October 19, 2008. In addition, Rock Band 2 for the PlayStation 2 and the Wii will ship in December 2008. In addition, the Rock Band 2 Special Edition Bundle for the Xbox 360 will also be available on retail shelves October 19, 2008.

Rock Band 2 for Wii, developed by Pi Studios under the direction of Harmonix, will be fully featured with online modes including World Tour and Battle of the Bands, an innovative character creator, weekly downloadable content and more! With more than 100 songs on the Rock Band 2 Wii soundtrack and an additional 30 downloadable tracks available for purchase at launch, Rock Band 2 Wii owners will have access to the most impressive music catalogue for a music-based videogame on the console. In addition, fans can expect a roll-out of the current downloadable content offering every week until the entire back catalogue is available.

In addition, Rock Band 2 owners (Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 system and Wii) will have the ability to export their in-game band avatars to RockBand.com to use as profile images as well as order custom Rock Band merchandise including apparel and figurines.

Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 was released on September 14, 2008, and features over 100 songs on the Rock Band 2 soundtrack with a blend of classic and new artists including AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Motorhead and more! With the addition of complete and immediate backwards compatibility for songs purchased from Rock Band’s ever-expanding online music store and the ability to export most songs from the original Rock Band disc, the Rock Band music library will feature more than 500 songs by year’s end.

For more information on Rock Band 2 visit www.rockband2.com.