Capcom revealed its new IP at this year's GamesCom.

Entitled, Remember Me, the game is an action-adventure where your memories may no longer be your own.  Set in Neo Paris in the year 2084, you play Nilin, a memory hunter whose job it is to steal, erase and sometimes even alter a target's memory. When her memory is then stolen, she must figure out why it was taken and what her original mission was.

In one of the gameplay videos released by Capcom, it shows the "Memory Remix" features where Nilin goes into a target's mind and alters a target's memory in order to get the target to kill himself so Nilin does not have to get her hands dirty. The gameplay will also mix in stealth as well as dexterous combat

The game is scheduled to release in May 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.  Check out Capcom's blog for more information on the new title.