SCEA today announced that the next regular system software update for the PlayStation 3 (version 1.80) will be available on Thursday, May 24, and will add upscaling of PlayStation/PlayStation 2 games and DVD movies up to 1080p resolution. Now, in addition to displaying native high-definition (HD) content in the highest possible quality (1080p), PS3 system can turn standard definition content into a vibrant HD-quality experience.

The latest firmware update also gives PS3 owners more flexibility to enjoy their digital entertainment content where they want to. The Remote Play feature for using a PSP system to access photos, videos, and music on a PS3 system's hard drive will be available from outside of a user's own home via any Wi-Fi Internet connection, upon the next PSP firmware update. Additionally, PS3 can now play back media content stored on a personal computer or digital video recorder with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capability over a home network.

"As adoption of HDTVs continues to surge, we know that consumers are hungry for content, and this latest firmware update leverages the PS3's technology to deliver an HD-quality experience using the entertainment media already in your collection," said Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing, SCEA. "In addition, we continue to enhance the PS3's capabilities as an entertainment hub, giving consumers the option to bring their content with them on-the-go, or to stream photos, videos, and music stored on their PC to the PS3 in their living room. That's often where the largest TV monitor and sound system is located, giving consumers the best possible entertainment experience."

Upscaling Games and Movies
SCEA is enhancing the PS3 user experience by enabling PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games to be upscaled to HD resolution, up to 1080p. Classic games as well as recently released titles can now be enjoyed like never before. And PS3 system now has the capability to upscale DVD videos to HD quality (up to 1080p), a feature typically limited to top-of-the-line DVD players. Upscaling games requires an HDMI or component AV cable, while upscaling DVD-ROM (including DVD Video content) requires an HDMI cable and HDMI compatible TV set.

Media Content on the Move
Version 1.80 also allows PS3 users on a home network to stream media content (photos, videos, and music) stored on a DLNA-enabled device onto their PS3 system. DLNA is a system that enables digital devices such as personal computers, DVRs, and TVs to be connected to a network and share data with other connected devices, in this case a PS3 system.