It only takes a few emails to bring down an entire company. Ocean Marketing has proved that statement true in the past few days.

It started harmlessly enough. A customer had contacted the people at Ocean Marketing in regards to their order of the Avenger N-Controller peripheral; an accessory that according to reviews helps gamers with smaller hands play more effectively. The customer was not satisfied with Ocean Marketing's answers so then decided to cancel his order, but what quickly followed was Paul Christoforo, President of Ocean Marketing and the person emailing the customer back and forward, berating the customer and doing name dropping people from multiple gaming outlets that would "have his back" during this exchange.

Dave, the customer in question, decided to include Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade and people from Kotaku on the email chain and quickly Krahulik decides to ban Ocean Marketing from attending PAX East. Christoforo then decides to berate Krahulik and does not believe that Krahulik is one of the runners of PAX, which he is.

Christoforo has since been created into an internet meme and multiple people he name dropped during the tirade have already come out to say that they do not support him. The N-Controller has been given several poor reviews on because of this situation. N-Control has been doing damage control ever since and it should be noted that Ocean Marketing had no ties to the actual making of the controller, but were just hired to help market the controller.

According to Kotaku, Ocean Marketing has since been dropped by N-Controller and According to Eli Schwartz, N-Control's new Marketing Manager, Ocean Marketing is now "out of business".

For the full e-mail chain, check it out here.