The game has been hinted at for months, but now it is finally real. Revealed this morning on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced that they are indeed making a brawler consisting of some of Sony's finest headliners.

Titled PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal, players will control their favorite iconic Sony characters and duke it out with each other in an assortment of stages inspired by titles such as God of War and Patapon.

"Today marks a special day for us here at SuperBot Entertainment, as we finally get to share our game with the world! " says Omar Kendall, Game Director at SuperBot Entertainment; the developers of the game in a post on the PlayStation Blog. "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale existed as an idea in the hearts of gamers way before SuperBot got around to making it, and the expectations of the fans are really what drive us."

The entire roster isn't finalized, but from a video posted on the PlayStation Blog, these are a few characters that you will get to control:

- Kratos
- Sly Cooper
- Parappa the Rapper
- Sweet Tooth
- Fat Princess
- Colonel Radec

"The game features a number of cool game modes for both single and multiplayer, with a focus on online play which features a robust tournament mode." says Kendall. "Players will be able to compete against each other as well as play cooperatively. We can't wait for you all to try it for yourself."

No release date has been announced yet, but expect more news to come out at this year's E3.