Even though Square-Enix only recently released Xenogears on the PSN, it looks as though fans of their games won't have to wait long to get more in the Store.

Parasite Eve, the PSone game from 1998 that is based on a Japanese novel, will be released this week through the PlayStation Store according to the PlayStation Blog. This may be no coincidence considering that Parasite Eve's The 3rd Birthday is due out on the PSP in several weeks.

Maybe Square-Enix wants to give everyone a blast from the past so we can feel all the more appreciative of what they have in store with The 3rd Birthday.  So why not take that trip back to New York City with NYPD officer Aya Brea, and relive the investigation that left you fighting to survive in a horror setting.

Unfortunately for them, neither Europe nor Australia will be seeing this released in their respective PSNs.