People seem to be very fond of surveys, and another one has recently come out that seems to imply that handheld versions of 3D games have a long way to go before being fully acceptable to gamers. 

Research firm Interpret LLC found that 56 percent of the 1,600 adult gamers they studied felt that the ideal 3D experience was with a console, not a handheld device.  And in addition, only 22 percent felt that gameplay was improved and 37 percent said that they were experiencing a lot of dizziness and discomfort while playing -- up from 30 percent from last year.

This may be a problem for Nintendo as it rolls full steam ahead with the 3DS.  As 3D is still a relatively new technology to include in the gaming experience, the next few years will be crucial in determining it's success. And if more and more players are getting sick while playing, then they're just going to stop playing.