[URL=http://press.nintendo.com/articles.jsp?id=27938]Nintendo has announced[/URL] the launch titles that will be released when the Nintendo 3DS hits North American shores on March 27th of this year.

The list of games published by Nintendo is shorter than expected, and surprisingly lacking the company's iconic mustachioed plumber: Pilotwings Resort, Steel Diver, and nintendogs + cats will be available for the system from Nintendo. The press release also emphasizes that more games are in the works for 2011 such as a few 3D versions of Nintendo 64 games, as well as Kid Icarus: Uprising, which was shown at the E3 expo of last year.
There is also a list of third party titles available at launch, including such games as Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, The Sims 3, Rayman 3D, Super Monkey Ball 3D, and more. Of course there's also the ability to play the large library of Nintendo DS games already available, as well as the pre-loaded applications and games already on the system.

The Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's fifth dual-screen portable device, and was officially announced at E3 2010.