Ever wanted to play This Old House in a video game? Well, Skyrim is given players the chance.

Bethesda announced today on their blog the next DLC for Skyrim. Entitled Hearthfire, players will be able to purchase land and will be able to build their virtual dream house. Players will also be able to use raw materials to build their house and add on special structures such as a greenhouse and enchanter's tower.

If players don't feel like purchasing items themselves, they can hire a steward to take care of purchases for them. Steward will also be able to provide transportation for the player. Also, players can have a personal bard for their home.

If you want to expand your family, the option of adopting kids will also be added. Bethesda states that you will need to raise your children and protect your house from infestations such as skeevers in your basement.

Hearthfire is scheduled to be released on Xbox 360 on September 4 for 400 Microsoft points.