There seems to be quite the upheaval going on over at Naughty Dog Studios as two more key players from the upcoming Uncharted game has parted ways with the company.

Earlier today Naughty Dog Art Director Nate Wells stated that he has left the company to be the new Art Director over at Giant Sparrow.

"Hmmm....seem to be some threads here. Yes, I joined the wild, wacky, and ultimately brilliant folks at #GiantSparrow on April 3rd." he stated on Twitter.

A short time later, IGN picked up the news that Todd Stashwick, the voice in the Uncharted trailer has left the game as well stating that the developer decided to recast the role.

Stashwick has also recently been hired to co-write Visceral Games' Star Wars project with ex-Naughty Dog and Uncharted writer Amy Hennig serving as the Creative Director of the project.