Jamar Johnson, a 5 year old Bronx boy was alledgedly beaten by his mother after breaking the TV while playing the Wii. His mother, Kim Crawford, stated that she beat him in the stomach and back.  He suffered from internal injuries caused by the beating, which the mother inititally claimed were playground injuries.  She waited 5 days before bringing him to the hospital, afraid that she'd be arrested because of his bruises. She had an open warrant for violating probation at the time.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first incident of a child being killed by a parent over a video game. Doing a Google search for "child killed over video game" drew unique stories in the top five, at least.   Also sad to say, this may not be the last.  And while we can't control every single last irresponsible person who takes out their rage and ignorance on an innocent child, we can remember those children and hope for harsh punishments for those responsible.