Square Enix has revealed more information on the recently announced Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The game will take place hundreds of years after the conclusion of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and will center solely around Lightning as she will be the only character players will control.

The setting of Lightning Returns will take place on a world called Novus Partus and will consist of 4 islands that players will be able to traverse via a monorail system. Also noted, the player will have 13 days until the end of the world and time will be a key factor in completing your quest to save it.

According to the game's Design Director, Yuji Abe, the world will run on a Doomsday clock formula, which when pushed to 12:00 signifies the end of the world. As Lightning performs tasks such as defeating monsters, time can be pushed backwards delaying the end. However, he also added that if she does things such as "perform miracles", it can also push the clock forward.

Abe also stated that the game will be a world that follows time similar to ours in real time. The world will see night and day at regular intervals and NPCs will do things such as go to work during the day and sleep and partake in the nightlife once the sun sets. Abe also cautioned players of "blind alleys" on the map saying that if players stay in one spot for too long they will become trapped there until morning.

Only concept art was shown at this time, but expect more information on this titleĀ as it becomes available.