Ubisoft has recently unveiled some new DLC that's a double assassination of content. The previous DLC for Assassin's Creed 2 was obviously single player and the recently released content for Brotherhood has been multiplayer. Well this new pack is going to have a nice mix of the two that should please anybody who owns the title.

For the single player fans we have "The Da Vinci Disappearance" which takes place after the end of AC:B. Ezio's heterosexual life partner, Leonardo da Vinci, has somehow been snatched up by a mysterious cult known as the Hermeticists. In a twist that sounds like it was made up by Dan Brown himself Ezio must retrieve stolen paintings in order to find Leonardo. During this quest our intrepid assassin will get to visit two new locations as well as some currently unannounced additions to the gameplay.

The multiplayer part of the DLC brings a few new additions that should provide a reason for fans to return to the well-received online component to Brotherhood.

If you're tired of the old maps then Alhambra should spice things up. Set in the Albaicin quarter of Granada, Spain should provide suitable chaos for the clever predator. As it is set in an area with multiple indoor and outdoor levels and has a rather dense crowd there should be no lack of places for players to ambush each other from. Coming along for the ride are four new characters; The Dama Rossa, The Knight, The Marquis and the Pariah.

Last but not least two new game modes will be added. Assassinate has six to eight players throwing down in a single, ten-minute battle to the death. Escort sees eight players placed into two teams of four, competing to protect their VIP as well as taking out the opposing VIP.

All of this will be available for the low price of $10 (or 800 MSP in Microsoft speak) this March so keep your eyes open.