Yes you read that right, a mother finds pornographic drawings in her newly-purchased used Wii game in, of all places, Cumming, GA, and she gets angry over it.  Apparently this is news-worthy.

What's more ridiculous, I feel, is the general uproar it has caused in that community.  Since when is news like this so big that the local TV station pays a LIVE visit to the distraught mother regarding the incident?  As a parent you should be checking used anythings you buy to make sure they're safe and deemed appropriate by you for your kid/kids, IT'S YOUR JOB.

It seems she bought a used copy of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games from the local GameStop store and didn't think to open the case and check everything out, something most of us gamers do automatically, before bringing it home.  After giving it to her 6-year-old son, he found one, yes one, pornographic drawing inside the case and started yelling upon the discovery.  To add to her embarassment, she was hosting a playdate with several other children and parents who also saw the picture, and she was assaulted with questions about what the picture meant.

"They were extremely inappropriate. It was very sexual in nature and I was not prepared to answer the questions of what was going on in the picture," Turner had stated.

She called the GameStop store to tell them what she found in the game she had purchased, and was stunned that they didn't gasp in horror and beg for forgiveness when they heard the news.  "It was kind of shocking because I expected them to have more of a reaction like I did. Like, 'Oh my gosh, can you bring it to us. I apologize,'" Turner told WSBTV.

All Turner wanted was an apology and vigilance from employees to prevent such an event from happening in the future.  She plans to buy new games from now on, to avoid the possibility of this ever happening again.

I understand feeling embarassed about this; she didn't expect to be in that situation, with several kids and parents to boot.  Even so, I feel this was blown out of proportion.  Used games are games someone else owned and played before you; you can't expect them to be in mint, 'virginal'-condition.  While GameStop could have found the drawing if they'd taken the time to look, I'm guessing they were too busy making sure the actual GAMES worked instead of flipping through the instruction booklet of every used game they get in 'just to make sure' no one doodled a doodle that someone, who could just as easily have found it themself and dealt with it, will be upset over.

Who knows, maybe after this there will be a sign in that GameStop over the used section that says "buy at your own risk," 'cause, y'know, it's "obvious" that it's GameStop's fault for not reminding parents that they're used games bought back as-is, that other people owned and did whatever they did with the game before it got to their store.

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