Following headaches brought about by the moniker of NASA's Curiosity rover, Peter Molyneux's next game with new company 22 Cans has been renamed 'Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube'.

"Logic and common sense has won out," Molyneux wrote last week on Twitter. "Thank you all so much for your suggestions. Some truly inspired posts".
After noting on the social media site that his studio's first game would have to undergo a title rethink due to an identity-clash with the Mars project, "hours of posting, collating office discussions... asking advice from the press" and fan recommendations saw the team plump for a name Molyneux had previously placed at the top of a list of his favourite alternatives. However, he humorously added "not what i voted for but ho hum. I wanted to call it "Cube of Duty"".
The game recently saw a delay which will see it launch this coming September. Tasking players with chipping away at a cube - itself made of smaller cubes - until a surprise within is revealed, the game will be released on iOS and Android devices. It isn't clear what caused the setback.