Good news for XBox-owning baseball fans: you won't need to buy a PS3 this year to get your fix, as 2K Sports has announced that they'll be continuing on the MLB 2K series for one more year, with MLB 2K13 coming to both the XBox 360 and PS3 March 5th.

There aren't many details beyond that -- just that the game exists, that reigning AL Cy Young-winner David Price will be the cover star, and that, once again, 2K Sports will be holding a Perfect Game Challenge, wherein the first player to pitch a perfect game under certain conditions gets one million dollars. The news comes contrary to all expectations that 2K Sports would cease publishing the game once their exclusivity deal with Major League Baseball ran out December 31, 2012, thus leaving Sony's The Show series as the only baseball option for console owners.

Of course, whether the game will be anything more than literally just a roster update remains to be seen. Again, 2K Sports' baseball deal expired at the end of 2012, so it's hard to imagine the company was putting much effort into improving last year's product -- and with nothing in the press release about 2014, it doesn't seem like they have much incentive going forward, either. Still, considering that the options before today for 360 owners who wanted to play video game baseball in 2013 were a) buy a PS3 and play MLB 13: The Show (which, if they're really into baseball, may not be a bad idea regardless), b) keep playing MLB 2K12, or c) nothing, yu have to imagine that the news is being greeted with no small amount of relief and happiness in some quarters.