I have seen a few marketing campaigns for Twitter, but never have I been so eager to follow it so closely like this.

The day before the launch of Mass Effect 3, a Twitter account called @AllianceNewsNetwork was started up.  Alliance News Network is the fictional news organization in the Mass Effect universe.  The account was run by Emily Wong, a reporter from the series.  She gave you two side quests to do on the Citadel in the first game and was limited to just one email and a hologram in the second one. 

What started out as her covering an interview in Los Angeles soon becomes a tale of chaos as she tries to survive a Reaper invasion.

"This is Emily Wong broadcasting from a rooftop near Dodger Stadium. It's now Reaper territory." she tweets as she watches Husks and Cannibals drag captured humans into the stadium to inevitably become infantry for the Reapers.

She tweeted over 150 tweets on the entire ordeal.  I won't spoil it for you, but the tweets were pretty amazing and following the hastag #solcomms also tracked people's reaction to them as well as some pretty impressive Photoshopping.

Mass Effect 3 arrives on store shelves today in the North America and March 9 in Europe.