As of this week the costume DLC for Capcoms' newest brawler, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, is available to spice up your characters. Setting you back $5 (400 MSP) this costume pack will grant you alternate outfits for six of your favorite characters. These outfits are more than just recolors and feature entirely separate character designs much like the Street Fighter IV DLC that came before it.

  • Captain America gains his most recent comic book outfit, complete with an older style shield from his earliest appearances.

  • Chris Redfield can pop on his old duds from the first Resident Evil title for old times sake.

  • Dante gains an outfit inspired by his father Sparda. This was previously an alternate outfit in the Devil May Cry titles.

  • Iron Man gains the Iron Patriot armor Norman Osborne used during his recent tenure in the Dark Avengers title.

  • Ryu gains his appearance from the very first Street Fighter game, complete with red hair and little red shoes.

  • Thor can dress as a God should, putting on his original winged helm. This costume is a rather obvious callback to the old costume of the God of Thunder.

On the free side of the spectrum we have the Shadow Battle DLC released. Featuring enemy AI that is to be patterned after the game developers as well as top players, this should help those of us who wish to practice what it's like to battle human players without all that pesky human interaction. This challenging mode is a free download from the appropriate marketplace. 
Stay tuned to this site for the upcoming in-depth review of this blockbuster title.