In the midst of San Diego Comic-Con, Microsoft have unveiled a Limited Edition Halo 4 bundle that will hit the market on November 6th. It will retail for $399.
The package includes a custom design for the machine and its two controllers, a 320GB hard drive, a standard copy of Halo 4, a wired headset and Xbox LIVE tokens that provide access to exclusive in-game DLC, as well as content for your Xbox 360 avatar. In a neat addition, the system's ring of light and the controllers' Xbox Guide button "will showcase a glowing blue color to match the overall "Halo 4" color scheme".

Furthermore, Microsoft will also be releasing another Limited Edition wireless controller separately by 21st October. This handset - being sold to the tune of $59.99 - "will feature the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) emblem on a dark grey translucent body, and will include an Avatar T-shirt as exclusive downloadable content". Although it plays host to a slightly different design, it will incorporate the same blue Xbox Guide button.
Described by Microsoft's press release as "the perfect celebration of the return of the Master Chief," the bundle will "include everything you need to bring the "Halo" mythology right into your living room".

Is this the push you need to splash out on an Xbox 360? Whether you'll be trading in your old console or simply ignoring this latest Limited Edition, we want to hear your thoughts. Put a comment down below or hit us up on Twitter @GamingExcel.