Kirby's next adventure will be on the Nintendo 3DS.

Today during the Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo President; Satoru Iwata, went into detail about the next installment in the Kirby series. Titled Kirby Triple Deluxe, the game will feature Kirby iconic side-scrolling, but will also have Kirby moving between the foreground and background to traverse a level. Kirby will still have his iconic copy ability and will now come with a new hyper nova ability that allows him to suck up things and enemies much bigger than he is that will be used to help solve puzzles.

Kirby will have over 20 abilities to copy as well as four new ones specifically created for this game.

Iwata also revealed two new modes the game will feature. The first is Kirby Fighters that pit four players against each other in a PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale type fighter to see who is the best Kirby. The next is Dedede's Drum Dash that has players control Kirby's arch nemesis King Dedede in a rhythm-style platformer. PLayers will have to push buttons to the rhythm of music to collect coins and pass obstacles.

Kriby Triple Deluxe arrives on the 3DS in 2014.