Zelda fans all over the world are rejoicing over an upcoming guidebook release that's so highly anticipated it even took over the best-seller list on Amazon.com for a while, and it's still only on pre-order!

Hyrule Historia was originally released in Japan and fans have since clamored for an official English copy to be available as well. With the help of Dark Horse Comics, this combination of guidebook, art book, and parts of never-before-released manga, can soon be enjoyed by the world.

Surprisingly, though fans assumed this would never be clarified and have been debating it for many years, the full Legend of Zelda timeline will be revealed, putting future debates to rest.

Priced at $34.99US with an anticipated release date of Jan. 29, 2013, there's no doubt many would-be Hyrulians will exchange their rupees to (da-da-da-da~h!) acquire this treasure.