There was a time when playing video games was considered a waste of your day.  Some may argue it still is.  But when video games are attached to a great cause, can anyone still say it's a waste?

Extra Life is an annual fundraising event, dedicated to raise funds to go toward many locations of the Children's Miracle Network Hospital.  Starting in 2008 to honour Victoria Enmon, a resident of a CMNH location who battled against acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Extra Life has gained thousands of supporters over the years, and plenty of funds to help those in need gain an "extra life".

Unlike many fundraising events, you can choose which location of CMNH will receive your donations, and thus support your local hospital while doing what you do best; game.

This year the event will begin on Sat., October 15 at 8 a.m. (no particular time zone is specified, so I imagine you start at 8 a.m. your time), and will end at 8 a.m. on the Sunday.  Yes, that is 24 hours of solid gaming, and a great reason to whip out your favourite RPG for another non-stop play-through.

Yours truly will be participating in this great cause, so for those who wish to donate but not participate, please do not hesitate to support me in my efforts!  Otherwise, it's easy to sign up as either an individual or as a group to start your own fundraising for the cause.

Xbox has already recognized this great idea, and have their own event, titled 'G3', planned for Sat., October 1.  Instead of playing any game on any platform for 24 hours, you instead choose your length of time, and you dedicate that time to playing on your Xbox.  If that interests you, sign up is easily done through Extra Life's homepage.

If you're curious to see how my day pans out, follow me that day on GamingExcellence's twitter feed @GamingExcel, or my own twitter feed @awnyer.

Give an extra life; help find those heart pieces!