Sunday July 22nd
Ensemble Online (PC)
Tactically control territory, build buildings, and harvest resources on a real-time, expansive and never-ending map.

Tuesday July 24th
Prototype 2 (PC) 
Shapeshift and consume other people's identities and memories as you strive to kill Alex Mercer, whose virus transformed you, James Heller, in the first game.

Wednesday July 25th
Wreckateer (X360)
Destroy structures and the goblins that occupy them by firing a ballista with your own two virtual hands.

Thursday July 26th
Legends of Pegasus (PC)
Conquer the galaxy with your customized fleet of ships as you strive to return to Earth before alien forces destroy it.

Friday July 27th
Inversion (PC)
Traverse through the war-ravaged home town of cop Davis Russel and his neighbour Leo Delgado to find Davis' missing child, all the while enduring disorienting twists of gravity.