So it seems Square Enix has stopped using their bathrooms and started using their franchises to relieve themselves, selling the resulting games to us unsuspecting gamers.

Final Fantasy will be subjected to the world of rhythm gaming via Theatrhythm, with you having a party of any four Final Fantasy characters recognizable from previous Final Fantasy games.  Playing through songs such as the ever-popular "One Winged Angel," you use rhythm-based gameplay to level up while collecting movies and music as you go.

There are no specific details as to how the music gameplay works, however, the company divulged there will be three stage types; field, battle, and event.  Each one will use a different system to beat the stage.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of rhythm games and will more likely than not want to give this one a go.  I'm simply sad to see that an epic franchise is slowly drying out as Square Enix continues to wring out as much as they can from it; you don't need to involve Final Fantasy in order to make the game, so why do it?