Empire Interactive announced Pipe Mania and Unsolved Crimes have shipped to North American retail outlets. Pipe Mania is available for Nintendo DS, PSP, PlayStation 2 and PC, and Unsolved Crimes is available exclusively for Nintendo DS. Under a recent partnership agreement, both games are distributed exclusively by Atari in North America.

Pipe Mania is a fast-paced puzzle game in which players lay down a set of pipes on a tiled grid in order to keep the Flooze - a constant flowing substance that speeds up with progression - moving through the pipes as long as possible without overflowing. Players must be fast with their fingers and utilize quick forward thinking, precise coordination, and keen awareness to survive the infectious series of puzzles and quests. The original Pipe Mania was released in 1989. The new version offers a humorous storyline, quirky characters, expanded gameplay and new ways to enjoy Pipe Mania on a variety of gaming platforms.

Fully utilizing Nintendo DS’ unique Dual Screen capabilities, Unsolved Crimes integrates three gaming elements - an action game, a 3D crime investigation and a crime quiz - to provide a truly distinctive gaming experience. Taking the role of a rookie detective in the New York Police Department, players will explore intriguing 1970s-inspired environments while they investigate the mysterious disappearance of Betsy Blake. Crime is rampant in the city and Unsolved Crimes detectives will encounter brain-teasing challenges and unique obstacles lurking around every corner. Unsolved Crimes features suspenseful cases spread throughout life-like interactive environments.