Atlus announced plans to bring Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City for Nintendo DS, the third chapter in the series of exploration RPGs, to North America this fall.

The Drowned City, the third chapter in the fan-favorite franchise, takes the established exploration RPG gameplay--a loving tribute to classic pen-and-paper and PC entries in the genre--to new frontiers.  The seas off the coast of the city of Armoroad offer an exciting, mysterious unknown, filled with hidden dangers and bountiful treasures.  With an entirely new host of character classes to customize and train, the addition of naval travel and exploration, and the unprecented introduction of cooperative local multiplayer content, Etrian Odyssey III isn't content to simply continue the series; it seeks to redefine it.
The embodiment of adventure and discovery in the purest sense, Etrian Odyssey III transports gamers to a sparkling oceanic paradise filled with atmospheric dungeons to chart and survey, vast watery expanses to sail across, and rumors of a sunken city to investigate.  Aspiring explorers are responsible for charting their travels utilizing the intuitive touchscreen map editor, meaning that careless cartography could easily spell doom for a fatigued party trying to escape danger.  Powerful challenges demand cunning and strategy: players will assemble and fully customize their party of adventurers from a variety of highly specialized classes and sub-classes.  For the patient and prepared, fame and fortune await.
Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City is scheduled to release Fall 2010 for Nintendo DS. For more information, visit the official website at