There are so many terrible Facebook apps, games that are only available when logged in on Facebook, it makes it hard to believe that good ones actually do exist. EA currently has a beta Facebook app for Dragon Age, a turn-based role-playing game, which critics are saying is actually worth a try.

For a Facebook app, the graphics look decent, and the expectation to invite friends or spend real money to upgrade faster (a staple for Facebook games) seems to be almost non-existant. However, just like most of their games out there, you occasionally must wait a certain length of time before you can get more of something, like energy, in order to proceed. Even so, that fact has yet to dissuade current beta players.

The only downside reported thus far seems to be the enemy's lack of brainpower during combat, in which they tend to ignore a weakened comrade and will instead attack your strongest party member; a poor strategy on their end. Otherwise it looks to be an app worth getting on Facebook, especially for players of Dragon Age II as developers are saying by playing the app they will unlock extra things for the game.

At this time you need to have an EA account and a beta key to be able to play the app. The full game is anticipated to be launched sometime next month.