BioWare's Dragon Age II demo was released for download on the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3.  The demo allows you to play through the game's prologue to get a feel for how the enhanced gameplay will work out.  It also gives a good chance to check out the new graphics and improved combat system.

And as an extra bonus, everyone who plays the demo will unlock a super badass Dwarven weapon that can be used in the full game.  Called 'Hayder's Razor', it enchances several aspects of your character, including health which is very cool for all the inevitable ogre fights.

Also, whenever the game is downloaded by a player logged into their EA account, they'll be adding to the 1 million combined downloads goal being set by EA.  If reached before March 1st, two items will be unlocked for EVERYONE playing the game; one that gives money, and one that gives an XP boost.  Get to downloading, DragonAge fans.