Luigi has followed in the footsteps of his brother and now has his medical degree.

Today during the Nintendo Direct video broadcast, President of Nintendo; Satoru Iwata revealed Dr. Luigi for the Wii U. Luigi himself will still do like his brother did before him and use matching color pills to destroy viruses, but will use L-shaped pills to combat them setting players up for easier executable combos.

Players can also play in classic mode that will emulate the original Dr. Mario game play with standard capsules. Online matches will also be available for both modes.

Also included will be a Virus Buster mode as well that allows players to use the Wii Pad and stylus to control the drop of capsules. 

Dr. Luigi arrives in the eShop in North America on December 31st. Europe will get it on January 15, 2014. Also worth noting, Iwata stated that the Year of Luigi will also continue well into 2104.