UPDATE 2 (5:51 CST): Double fine has now exceeded over $1 million dollars for their Kickstarter Project.

UPDATE: In less than a day, Double Fine has well exceeded their goal of $400,000.

Double Fine is creating their next game and they need your help to make it happen.

The studio has created their own Kickstarter page and have asked fans of the company for donations to help fund it.  The game in question will be a point-and-click adventure.

"Big games cost big money." says Double Fine on their page.  "Even something as "simple" as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title can cost upwards of two or three million dollars."

As with any Kickstarter project, rewards will be given out to their backers. Pledging $15 will net players the finished game on Steam, exclusive access to the PC Beta on Steam, access to the video series, and access the private discussion community.  If a backer gives $30, they'll get all the perks of the $15 backers as well as a HD download of the documentary series with extras and a digital game soundtrack.  And for those willing to shell out $10,000, they'll be able to have lunch with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert as well as a tour of the Double Fine office.

The goal for Double Fine to reach is $400,000 and is scheduled to be open for 33 days.