The UK indie developer, Introversion Software Ltd., released today the much-awaited Linux version of their latest hit title DEFCON.

Introversion has remained strongly committed to releasing DEFCON on this often overlooked platform as Mark Morris, managing director at Introversion, confirmed; "We have a small, but very loyal Linux fanbase at Introversion and we think it's important to bring them into the equation when we release a new game".

John Knottenbelt, Introversion's technical director, added "Some problems with compatibility between the Mac and PC versions of DEFCON has led to some unforeseen delays on the project but we're confident that Linux users will think it was worth the wait, and will be pleased with the end results."

DEFCON Linux will be available to buy exclusively from the Introversion online store, while existing users of DEFCON PC will also be able to play the Linux version free of extra charge, using their existing keys.

DEFCON, a well-received war-games simulator is an online, competitive, multiplayer strategy game simulating global thermonuclear war. The game, inspired by the 1983 cult-classic film, WarGames, evokes the tension, paranoia and suspicion surrounding the Cold War era.