Starting this month, DC Universe Online will be going free-to-play.  It will be free for both PC and PS3 players.

"When we launched DC Universe Online, we introduced a very different brand of massive online game driven by fast action combat to PC and PS3 gamers and with that, we discovered a new type of online gamer," said John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment. "We've listened to our community, and we've determined that the free-to-play model is the best fit for DC Universe Online."

Sony has also outlined three levels of access for those that decide to play for free and others who decide to pay of content.

Free players will have access to all current DC Universe Online content including starting cities, raid and alerts.  They will be able to make two characters for play.

The first level of paid access will be labeled as "Premium".  New players who pay $5 or those who already had paid accounts will be labeled as Premium players.  They will get additional character slots, additional inventory slots and a higher cash limit.

The highest level will be labeled as "Legendary".  Those who continue to pay $14.99 a month shall receive all DLC packs at no extra cost, 15 character slots and over 80 inventory slots.  They will also be able to form leagues with no size limits.

DC Universe Online will go free-to-play later this month.