Konami has announced that DanceDanceRevolution is now available to purchase for Xbox 360 owners.  With two new game modes, players will have plenty of opportunity to showcase their moves (and maybe even burn some midnight snack weight).

Dance Off mode lets up to four players compete with the same song, vying for top position.   Club Mode allows for 4-20 songs to be played non stop, back to back in order to win. Yeah. Up to 20 songs. Don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever danced continuously at a club for up to 20 songs.  Though in retrospect, that might have been the DJ's fault.

Also, for experienced players there's a harder difficulty called the Challenge Level that adds diagonal directions to the normal up, down, left and right controls.  The Xbox Live Vision camera can also be used to allow the players to watch themselves dance on their TV. 

The game has over 50 songs to pick from, with hits from different decades as well as original music by Konami.  Suggested retail is  $39.99 and includes the dance mat.