We all know that most 'family' games are really played by a groups of giggling gamers all seeking to humiliate the others.  So giggling gamers everywhere; you're in luck. 2K Games has released a brand new family oriented game for the Kinect.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do  has multiple carnival games available to play, all using the Kinect motion technology that allows players to use their bodies as the controller.  2K has put together a colorful game environment in which players can humiliate and lord their superiority over others, with contests that pit player Avatars against each other.

Like any good midway game, gamers can with tickets that are redeemable for outfits from a special Carnival Games collection, with more content planned for the future.  The game even features a coupon for free popcorn so that you'll have something to snack on while you watch your friends dancing a "Cotton Eye Joe" dance off -- against the Monkey. 

Available today, April 6 on North American consoles, April 8 internationally.