Toad is getting his own game for the Wii 

Called Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker, the loyal servant of the Mushroom Kingdom will be armed with a headlight and will traverse terrain in a boxed 3D environment as he tries to collect coins and avoid being overcome by Shy-Guys.

In the trailer, it showed Toad will be able to pick up turnips and will be able to pelt some enemies with vegetables a'la Super Mario Bros. 2. The Wii U Pad will also be utilzed for this combat feature as you will use it for an first-person perspective as you throw vegetables at enemies.

It seems Toad will not be as fast as he was in Super Mario Bros. 2 however as he is seen waddling about and was even caught in the middle of a bridge collapse.

Called Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker is scheduled to arrive this holiday season.

Check out the announcement trailer here.