For those Call of Duty fans who wished they had their own BlizzardCon, Activision has heard your cries of sorrow and are answering them with what they're calling an 'Epic Event'.  From September 2-3 in Los Angeles, CA you can fully immerse yourself in the Call of Duty Experience.

Call of Duty XP is a fan event designed to give all sorts of exclusives and fun to the lucky fans who manage to purchase tickets before they sell out.  Some of the events planned include a life sized recreation of one of the multiplayer maps -- as a huge, playable paintball arena.  Call of Duty 3 will be available for early hands on play, and several speeches are planned to reveal details of another upcoming Call of Duty release.  There's also opportunity to walk away with $1 million in tournament prizes.

Tickets are $150 and go to a charity to help returning soldiers acclimate to their civilian lives again.  On July 19th tickets go on sale, with the exact time of sale to be released on July 12th.