Batman will return once again to the streets of Gotham to bring evil to justice.

Today, Gameinformer revealed via their Cover Reveal that Batman will be back in the next Arkham game entitled Batman: Arkham Origins.

It won't be a complete origin story, but it has been revealed that it will be a younger Bruce Wayne meeting a few staple villains from his Rogues' Gallery. The story this time will take place years before the previous Arkham titles as Batman battles 8 assassins, one of them being the infamous Deathstroke, as they come to Gotham City on Christmas Eve to take down The Dark Knight.

Also noteworthy,  WB Montreal will be taking over development from Rocksteady Studios this time around.

The game is scheduled to release  October 25, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU and PC.