If you were one of those people who put off buying Batman: Arkham City last November because you were sure there'd be a Game of the Year edition that included all the downloadable content that accompanied it: congratulations, your powers of prognostication were dead on, and you'll be getting your chance to pick up Arkham City: Game Of the Year Edition on May 29th.

Of course, it's not all good news for you. I mean, you'll have to look at this terrifying eyesore of a cover every time you go to play the game. And what's more, you just missed out on six months where you could've been playing one of last year's best games. How will you live with the knowledge that you could've spent Christmas, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day pretending to be the Caped Crusader -- and, more importantly (from a Trophy/Achievement point of view), talking to Calendar Man on those dates?

Then again, waiting for the GOTY edition was probably wise from a financial standpoint, since the new version will include all the previously-released DLC, along with some new Harley Quinn-themed content and a download voucher for the Batman: Year One movie. In addition, the game will apparently be $10 cheaper than the original version.

Suckers Early adopters, however, can take heart with the knowledge that they'll be able to pick up the Quinn-related DLC early, when it comes out on April 30th.